Cherry Lane Volunteer Fire Departments First Roster Officers



Tommy Andrews – Chief
David Woodruff – Assistant Chief
Jerry Brooks – Captain
Charles Williams – Lieutenant
Gale Halsey – Safety Officer
Staley Wood – Chaplain


Johnny Adams
Joe McKnight
Patsy Andrews
Gary Miles
Michael Andrews
James Miles
Wayne Andrews
Mack Osborne
Carl Blevins
Andy Royal
Junior Bottomley
Arron Royal
Neal Brooks
Benjamin Royal
Donald Choate
Ricky Royal
Randy Choate
Allan Shaw
Russell Choate
Alvin Choate
Boyd Crouse
James D. Smith
Hobert Dowell
James L. Smith
Dennis Durham
Gilmer Stoker
Wayne Evans
Joe Stoker
Steven Faw
Kenny Stoker
David Fender
William Todd
Gary Halsey
John Toliver
Lillie Mae Halsey
Pauline Williams
Ina Hawkins
Robert Williams
Elgin Jones
Roger Williams
Gregory Lyons
Byron Woodruff
James McKnight


“Brush Buggie” 1962 Dodge 4×4 military vehicle donated by the N.C Forest Service
Used for fighting forest fires and off road fires
Volunteers worked night and day to construct the tank and do all necessary plumbing
Invested approximately $14,000.00


New Pumper
Built by “Emergency-One” in Ocala, Florida
Ordered special chassis(New 1980 GMC Series 7000) to get exact options needed
May 21st, 1979 purchased first apparatus from “Emergency-One” for a total of $55,000
November 30th, 1979 members traveled to Ocala, Florida to pick up the apparatus
Took the apparatus to South Boston, Virginia where lights, airens, extinguishers, and ladders were installed
10 firefighters traveled to South Boston, Virginia to pick up the truck and to be trained on the pump
Decemeber 26th, 1979 new pumper was put in service

New Tanker
1980 GMC series 7000 with a 1250 gallon tank
All aluminum
Built by “Emergency-One”
March 5th, 1980 new tanker was put in service


August 1978 firefighters recieved first basic training in firefighting which involved the burning of a house in Elkin, NC
42 firefighters completed 42 hours of firefighter training through Wilkes Community College
Training included use of ladders, extinguishers, fog nozzles, and practical exercises including actual burning & training
Firefighters completed a 60 hour course in advanced first aid sponsored by the American Red Cross
Firefighters completed a 12 hour course in CPR
May 1979 first training in the use of SCBA sponsored by N.C Department of Insurance (4 nights of training at State Road, NC)
After arrival of new pumper training in driving and pump operation began
January 14th, 1980 first official training at Cherry Lane Volunteer Fire Department was held
January 16th, 1980 firefighters used CLVFDs own equipment and pumper to burn a 2 story frame house
Fire was rekindled and extinguished 12 times before allowing it to burn completely
Glade Creek and Laurel Springs Volunteer Fire Departments participated in the rekindled/extinguished exercise.


Discussion held on idea of the formation of CLVFD on June 1st, 1978 by community residents
Meetings have been held monthly since the first meeting in June of 1978
Became a 4 Mile 9-A rated department in a year’s time, covering approximately 50,000 acres of land
Original firehouse consisted of 3 bays, kitchenette, and training/meeting facilities
Site donated by F.A McKnight and Wayne Blevins families
Cost of original building $65,000.00


Various types of Firefighting Apparatus were studied before purchases were made.
Purchased 12 complete turnout gear at a cost of approximately $1800.00
Included (helmets, pants, boots and gloves).


$3,600.00 worth of radio equipment used in the form of pagers (12) worn by firemen during their daily work schedules Another $1700.00 was donated by the N.C Forest Service through the application of a grant, for the purchase of more radio equipment


24 Uniforms at $146.00 = $3,516.00
24 pairs of gloves at $11.25 = $270.00
1 pumper 500 GPM (Includes: Hose, Ladders, Fire Axes, Nozzles, etc.) at $70,000.00
1 tanker 1000 gallons at $33,000.00
4 breathing apparatus at $2,000.00
24 pagers at $4,800.00
1 base radio at $2,000.00
3 two way radios at $2,700.00
1 siren 10 HP at $2,000.00
1 smoke ejector at $400.00
Total Equipment Price = $120,686.00


August 14th, 1978 Ladies Auxiliary met for the first time at the Cherry Lane Community Center
Ladies Auxiliary: open to all interested women in the community
First fund raiser benefiting CLVFD was a chicken BBQ and a bake sale
Many other fund raisers were conducted including: gospel singings and serving refreshments at events
Ladies Auxiliary also completed a course in CPR
Raised over $7000.00 through fund raising (1978-1980)
Ladies Auxiliary is now open to both men and women and has became known as just Auxiliary


Carl Dean Blevins
Richard Crouse
Ray Smith
James D. McKnight
Staley Wood